Definitive Cube

A powerful Bluetooth speaker

The Definitive Cube

Definitive Technology’s tabletop loudspeaker makes a strong visual impression with its bold, minimalist compact shape that easily tucks into corners. But even more impressive is its robust bass and spacious imaging. Combining built-in amplifiers, digital signal processing and speaker components
 in a “tri-polar” configuration, kitchen counters, bookshelves and the backyard are spaces the Cube will be right at home in. Tucked into a corner, the Cube’s stunning bass and Tri-Polar speaker array makes it sound more like a full size audio system than a tabletop speaker.

Definitive Cube

The Process

Initial Concepts

Sound Cylinder

Initial concepts started out as a handheld speaker, after a few quick concepts we knew we wanted to incorporate elements from a previous Definitive speaker, The Sound Cylinder.

Cube Concept 01

Cube Concept 02

Cube Concept 03


Cube Sketches 02Focusing on the Cube

As a follow up to the Definitive Sound Cylinder, The Cube was designed to utilize the user interface and CMF of its smaller counterpart.

Square cubes

Cube Sketches 02
The Finished Cube

DT_Cube 3

Cube isoD_HomeRots_Cube

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