Taylor Colorimeter

Improving workflow for water technicians


A colorimeter is a device used for water analysis. Technicians collect a sample, add a reagent, insert a vial into the colorimeter where multiple wavelengths of light are used to determine the absorbance of the reagent in the water….yes, the Beer-Lambert law


After working in the field with water technicians for multiple shifts, we learned that techs work in a harsh environment and have a very busy schedule. They run multiple tests at once, and find clever ways to speed up their workday. The observations helped us understand real areas of opportunity for our design. Improving ease of use, efficiency and durability would be our focus.

The device will be dropped on the floor, soaked in water, and thrown in my bag





Increasing Efficiency

Simply drop in the vial, no need for a light cap that will inevitably get lost


User Interface

A custom UI was created from the ground up to improve speed, minimize mistakes and clearly present important information


The device was designed to meet the IP67 waterproof rating


Rugged design

The form and materials of the colorimeter are inspired by industrial power tools

Familiar Control

The user interface controls were designed to be familiar and intuitive



The form of the device was sculpted to improve grip and provide a one hand use. Allowing the busy tech to have one hand free.


User Interface


Test were organized alphabetically, simple right?


The result is featured in a large font, allowing it to be quickly read, even from a distance.


A timers, backlight, and custom lists were some of the helpful features to help improve workflow


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This work was completed while at Key Tech in Baltimore, Maryland.
My role on the team was lead Industrial Designer.